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We are a community of experienced data professionals. We help companies implement AI in areas like Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing etc by addressing their needs related to data labeling, annotations, model validations etc.

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For solving computer vision related algorithms, it is crucial to use high quality dataset in training phase. We can help you with some of the most common labeling problems like bounding boxes, polygons, polylines etc. Contact Us


To effectively solve problems in NLP domain, it is vital that data gets tagged appropriately to achieve superior performance. We can help you with common use cases like sentiment analysis, salience rating etc. Contact Us


We help with setting up data pipelines so that the AI models gets seamlessly integrated with your existing infrastcture and workflows. Contact Us


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Reasons for Choosing Us

As echoed by industry veterans in articles like this , without good data there can be no good AI. And we're one of the niche players operating in this segment. In the below, we listed a few reasons that will hopefully prompt you to take a chance with us.

  • A strong community of data professionals.
  • Core focus around data processing for AI.
  • Commitment to project actualized through internal SLAs.

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