Cognitive Automation made simple

We combine AI with human-in-the-loop approach to automate tasks involving human cognition with 100% accuracy.

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Why Cognitive Automation?

Even though RPA is helping in automating a lot of rule based repititive tasks in business processes, there are lot of non-rule based tasks that require higher level of human judgement pertaining to understanding unstructured data like emails, attachments, images etc. Cognitive Automation leverages cutting edge technologies like AI, Deep Learning etc to fill this gap.

Cost Savings

Automating boring tasks tha require human judgement, not only saves costs by boosting employees productivity, but also enhances their work satisfiction as it frees them up from boring tasks.

AI Readiness

It helps firms leverage cutting edge AI technologies like Natural Language Understanding, Vision etc, as it requires no changes to existing IT infrastructure.

Business Agility

Given the nature of automation, it simplifies the process of scaling things up/down depending on the business needs.

Leading the Cognitivie Automation Revolution

Latest developments in artificial intelligence (AI) unlocked new possibilities in automation, rapidly shifting focus from basic robotic process automation (RPA) to cognitive, i.e. from acting like a human to thinking like one. Cognitive automation will be how companies are going to compete in the future!

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Core Features

Adaptive AI

The AI adapts over time to perform better on the assigned tasks.

Fast Onboarding

No changes needed with your infrascture! Get up and running in as fast as one week .

Enterprise Grade

Leverages cutting edge technologies like serverless, deep learning etc.


A community of vetted professionals to help us with human-in-the-loop part of our platform.

Garuda - Intuitive Dashboard!

We crafted Garuda, a simple yet powerful dashboard with rich data visualizations to help our customers gain insights into the performance of platform pertaining to the performance of AI, delivery progress etc.

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